never live average.

"I had to convince myself that I'm going make it regardless of how people felt at that time. There's going to be points that people are going to mistake my confidence for arrogance because I had to convince myself. They don't unerstand the process I went through and how much I had to believe in myself in order to make these things happen" -50 Cent

These past few days, I have been keeping busy answering all of you guys back. I ended up getting 60 tumblr messages in just one day, pretty unbelievable. I've been spending most of my time replying back to everyone's super sweet and supportive comments. My days consist mainly of staying home, on the computer, replying to emails, comments, messages, picking out outfits, and thinking of what move I should make next. It's a never ending work cycle. People see just a fashion blog, but there's a lot more work behind what you guys actually see. It's day in and out of thinking fashion, strict order, commitment, dedication to what I love and aspire to be. I've never realized how much my social life is pretty much non existent until now. While everyone is out having fun partying, I'm working. Getting all of your messages and comments are worth all the work I put in. I'd rather be inspiring people then out drinking. Thank you to everyone for being so supportive of me. It really is touching. I should be off to start packing for my trip to New York this weekend, but I keep getting emails on my phone and can't help but write everyone back!