dreams become attainable.

“Great fashion is all about surprise….It should always be about doing something that isn’t by the book” -Reed Krakoff

I had this outfit picked out for quite some time. I originally was going to wear it for fashion week, but decided not to for some reason. Felt like it wasn't bold enough for actual fashion week haha. So I'm hosting another giveaway! Hello Perfect was founded in order to spread the message that the challenge in life is not to become perfect, it's accepting that you already are. They are trying to change society's definition of the word "perfect" and redefine what perfection is. They discovered my blog and believed that I also have a similar message that I'm trying to get across. They asked me to define the word perfect. This is what I said..."Perfect is self acceptance, knowing who you are and valuing your worth. Not letting anyone else's definition define you as a person or morph your view of what's perfect and imperfect. You're as perfect as you make your mind up to be." I think this is such an important message to get across, especially in the fashion industry.


The giveaway is one of their Hello Perfect shirts. To enter the giveaway:
1)Tell me what you think your definition of perfect is and leave your email.
2)Make sure you're following me on Facebook or on blogspot.
3)Like Hello Perfect's Facebook Page HERE!