long overdue.

"Somehow whatever I'm doing, it always feels like a quest to learn something" -James Cameron

I know it's late, but here are a few pictures from New York Fashion Week. I attended Lincoln Center on September 13th, did a few interviews, and took a few pictures. My pictures were taken by Emil Baez and you can check out his website EBmagination Here! My dress is vintage, I love the lace, neckline, and beaded detail. Looking at these fashion week pictures makes me so anxious for Fall/Winter February 2012 fashion week! Ahhh!


Lately, I've mentioned taking on new challenges. Mens fashion being one of them. Part of me wanting to style men is due to Curran Swint of Kings Rule Together. He is a Philly based fashion blogger, designer, stylist, entrepreneur, and every word that equals amazing. The first time I met him was when I attended the IFB conference. I remember strutting up the stairs, walking through the door into a room full of fashion fiends. In a matter of seconds, my eyes scanned the room to find the most intriguing outfit. In a room full of women, to my surprise, my eyes stopped immediately at his perfectly combined color blocking scheme, chest tribal print button up, and top hat that matched perfectly with his satchel. We spoke briefly, then days later, saw each other again at Lincoln Center, where again his outfit was genius. As you guys can see, I never have once blogged about another blogger. My blog has always solely focused on or around me, but Curran is definitely an exception. Not only is his vision for fashion astounding, but the role he plays in his community is very aspiring. I've always spoke about every person has a purpose in the world, use your time wisely, and it's such a relief knowing someone has taken every advantage they have to really make a difference. Kings really do inspire Queens. You can check out Curran's blog Here and you can also check out his store Here!