electric chapel. ϟ

"In the creative arts, people need to learn to not mediate their impulses and their instincts with an intellectual process. That'll work against you" -James Cameron

When I spotted this 80's jacket, I almost died. I wore it around the entire store and refused to take it off until I was done shopping. haha. The gold chains on the upper chest and the contrast of the diagonal and vertical stripes on each side is why I love it so much. I think I'm going to end up studding this bra that I'm wearing in these pictures. It was actually freezing outside when I took these pictures, but for some reason I still wanted to be half naked. I'm thinking of dying the bottom of my hair a light light brown before I fly to L.A. for my American Apparel photoshoot. What do you guys think? Keep it this blonde/caramel color or dye it a light brown?