dreaming is believing.

"Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you're going. It doesn't have to be bright, doesn't have to be loud. Just has to be YOU" -Pharrel Williams

People usually see my pictures and think it's easy to go through them and just pick a couple out. That would be the case if I wasn't such a perfectionist. To be honest, I took these pictures earlier today, came home, uploaded them, and was completely unhappy with every single one of them. I ended up going back to the same location just to take a few more pictures to meet my high standards. Right after I finished retaking them, I was about to leave and a homeless man in his mid 40s walked up to my sister and me. The second he opened his mouth, I knew instantly he wasn't the typical stereotype most people have embedded in their heads. We stood there for a good 30 minutes listening to his stories on how he never really sleeps long, that he had a rough life. How his rough life initially started in Somalia with Black Hawk Down. How in battle, a 14 year old sniper hit an IED near the humvee he was in. It then flipped over and caught on fire killing his two of his superiors. You could still see the huge scars on his face from shrapnel. His stories hit home heavy. Makes me really appreciate my life at this moment. Sometimes we don't realize how much we have until we see someone else's life. Hope everyone is having an amazing Thanksgiving and acknowledging what it's really about. By the way, the yellow top is really a bathing suit with a purple skirt!