i don't need permission.

"I don't wait for moods. You accomplish nothing if you do that. Your mind must know it has got to get down to work" -Pearl S. Buck

I've decided to make a quick trip to NY for literally one weekend. I'm crazy right? I'll be flying out December 16th. I didn't want to make this trip too long just because in January I have my photoshoot in L.A. with American Apparel, and then in February i'll be in NY again for fashion week. I'm very much a shoulder pad fiend. You'll rarely catch me without them. Most of you are probably wondering what I'm wearing on my head. It's called an agal. A lot of Arab men in the Middle East wear keffiyehs, which are giant pieces of cloth on their heads. The agal is used to secure the wrap to the head. I did a previous post with the actual keffiyeh a while back, you guys can see it HERE. This time I just wanted to use the agal. Also, I just want to say that I've been having crazy trouble with my eyes lately. I already have horrible eyesight but apparently my eyes don't produce enough tears and my doctor says it's a possibility that I'll only be able to wear my glasses from now on instead of my contacts because my contacts are damaging my eyes. That's why I haven't been taking blog pictures as often. I have my appointment tomorrow so hopefully I get some good news and can bust out my contacts again because these glasses are driving me insane!


dreaming is believing.

"Fashion has to reflect who you are, what you feel at the moment, and where you're going. It doesn't have to be bright, doesn't have to be loud. Just has to be YOU" -Pharrel Williams

People usually see my pictures and think it's easy to go through them and just pick a couple out. That would be the case if I wasn't such a perfectionist. To be honest, I took these pictures earlier today, came home, uploaded them, and was completely unhappy with every single one of them. I ended up going back to the same location just to take a few more pictures to meet my high standards. Right after I finished retaking them, I was about to leave and a homeless man in his mid 40s walked up to my sister and me. The second he opened his mouth, I knew instantly he wasn't the typical stereotype most people have embedded in their heads. We stood there for a good 30 minutes listening to his stories on how he never really sleeps long, that he had a rough life. How his rough life initially started in Somalia with Black Hawk Down. How in battle, a 14 year old sniper hit an IED near the humvee he was in. It then flipped over and caught on fire killing his two of his superiors. You could still see the huge scars on his face from shrapnel. His stories hit home heavy. Makes me really appreciate my life at this moment. Sometimes we don't realize how much we have until we see someone else's life. Hope everyone is having an amazing Thanksgiving and acknowledging what it's really about. By the way, the yellow top is really a bathing suit with a purple skirt!


cake cake cake cake.

“There are no rules in fashion- the only one that is creating this idea of ‘rules’, is yourself”

I try not to give myself limits when it comes to fashion. Limiting what I can wear just limits all the creative ideas in my mind when I think about putting an outfit together. I like to make statements so I decided to tie this scarf into a brolic ass bow on the top of my head. I also turned the pink sweater into a dress, because that's what I do. haha. I can't believe November is almost over with! What are all of your plans for Thanksgiving?! P.S. the title of my post is from the song Birthday Cake off of Rihanna's new album, so now whenever you hear the song, you'll think of me =]


small door of opportunity.

"Doors don't just open for you, every once in a while, one will open a crack, and you have to recognize that that's the moment" -James Cameron

I thought this mustard yellow and burnt maroon color were appropriate for Fall. I was recently featured as Blogger of the Moment in Feather Magazine. You can read my interview HERE! By the way, my blouse and trousers are for sale on my store HERE!


electric chapel. ϟ

"In the creative arts, people need to learn to not mediate their impulses and their instincts with an intellectual process. That'll work against you" -James Cameron

When I spotted this 80's jacket, I almost died. I wore it around the entire store and refused to take it off until I was done shopping. haha. The gold chains on the upper chest and the contrast of the diagonal and vertical stripes on each side is why I love it so much. I think I'm going to end up studding this bra that I'm wearing in these pictures. It was actually freezing outside when I took these pictures, but for some reason I still wanted to be half naked. I'm thinking of dying the bottom of my hair a light light brown before I fly to L.A. for my American Apparel photoshoot. What do you guys think? Keep it this blonde/caramel color or dye it a light brown?


persistent passion.

When people ask me why are you such a perfectionist, it's almost like a derogatory connotation. When you think about the Olympics, what are peoples striving for? A couple 10ths of a second makes a difference between you and the guy next to you" -James Cameron

The weather in Florida has been pretty amazing lately, hence why I haven't busted out any of my sweaters, but I promise I will eventually. The only thing about Florida weather is how much I'm missing out on seasons changing. No leaves falling, the smell of the air, no snow (even though I dislike it). I've been having this urge to take a road trip soon, somewhere like West Virginia. By the way, I love these shades of yellow and pink together. This blouse is for sale on my store HERE!


long overdue.

"Somehow whatever I'm doing, it always feels like a quest to learn something" -James Cameron

I know it's late, but here are a few pictures from New York Fashion Week. I attended Lincoln Center on September 13th, did a few interviews, and took a few pictures. My pictures were taken by Emil Baez and you can check out his website EBmagination Here! My dress is vintage, I love the lace, neckline, and beaded detail. Looking at these fashion week pictures makes me so anxious for Fall/Winter February 2012 fashion week! Ahhh!


Lately, I've mentioned taking on new challenges. Mens fashion being one of them. Part of me wanting to style men is due to Curran Swint of Kings Rule Together. He is a Philly based fashion blogger, designer, stylist, entrepreneur, and every word that equals amazing. The first time I met him was when I attended the IFB conference. I remember strutting up the stairs, walking through the door into a room full of fashion fiends. In a matter of seconds, my eyes scanned the room to find the most intriguing outfit. In a room full of women, to my surprise, my eyes stopped immediately at his perfectly combined color blocking scheme, chest tribal print button up, and top hat that matched perfectly with his satchel. We spoke briefly, then days later, saw each other again at Lincoln Center, where again his outfit was genius. As you guys can see, I never have once blogged about another blogger. My blog has always solely focused on or around me, but Curran is definitely an exception. Not only is his vision for fashion astounding, but the role he plays in his community is very aspiring. I've always spoke about every person has a purpose in the world, use your time wisely, and it's such a relief knowing someone has taken every advantage they have to really make a difference. Kings really do inspire Queens. You can check out Curran's blog Here and you can also check out his store Here!

lotus flower bomb.

“I advocate glamour. Everyday. Every minute. Glamour above all things” -Dita Von Teese

I always love Florida's weather around this time. I don't do well in cold weather because I'm so use to Florida's heat and sun, but Fall here always seems to be perfect. This jumper I'm wearing is for sale on my shop HERE. My official date to fly to L.A. for my American Apparel photoshoot is booked and I'm so excited and anxious! I really can't wait! I'm also pretty excited about NY fashion week in February. Anyone suggest any good events or shows? I know it's early to start figuring things out for it but time seems to be flying by so quickly!


changing skies.

"I’m never content with what I do. I live in a sort of permanent dissatisfaction. I think that’s the secret to doing things well" — Karl Lagerfeld

Since I started fashion blogging, after Halloween, I hit up Halloween stores to get items on sale. That's where I found this white tutu that I could wear every single day of my life. I put a cream sweetheart neck corset on, then layered cream lace lingerie over it. I added a cream belt to finish it. It sort of looks like a dress, but it's definitely four pieces of clothing that looks like one haha. I really love how many positive things you guys wrote about yourselves in my last post. I wanted you guys to take a second out of your day to appreciate yourselves. The winner of my give-away is Lajoyce! She had such an amazing answer too, super inspiring. I love doing give-aways. I'm going to start doing one every month, even if it has to be my own stuff haha. Thank you everyone for participating! Hope everyone has a great week ahead!


dominating on every level.

"Don’t look to the approval of others for your mental stability" —Karl Lagerfeld

Oh my lovely followers, how I have news for you!...I'm doing my first give-away! HOLLLLLA! Vedette Shapewear asked me to pick my favorite item from their Sensuale Collection. Anyone who knows me, knows I had to pick the bra since I wear them as actual clothing items. The give-away is a surprise item from Vedette's Sensuale Collection! While making this video, I wanted you guys to get a glimpse of how I get ready for a shoot. A couple posts back I mentioned how I play Gaga while picking outfits and getting ready. Told you guys I wasnt lying haha. P.S. singing is not my specialty, but I do it anyways, especially when I'm getting ready. Wearing the Elena Bra from Vedette, American Apparel tights, Baker heels, and 80's vintage Wilson leather jacket.

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just to be different.

“Fashion is about two things: the evolution and the opposite" -Karl Lagerfeld

Love this quote SO much just for the fact of how true it is. The evolution: I think back to when I originally first started fashion blogging, how I developed my own sense of style, and how gradually, or sometimes even drastically, it changed with time. My fashion will continue to evolve. The opposite: In fashion, if you're not doing something different or opposite from what everyone else is bringing, you wont be as noticed. It's what catches peoples attention, it's what keeps people talking, whether they agree with it or not. I'm super in love with this little black dress. The detail on the broad shoulders make such a statement. The glasses are self explanatory. Can we just discuss how it's November already? Pretty hard to believe.