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9/15/2011 | Best Blogger Tips

"If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams" -Les Brown

I love sheer. This skirt's inner lining was the same length as the sheer but decided to cut the inner lining short and keep the sheer long for a different look. My wedges are Steve Madden. Still here in New York for fashion week and I'm loving every second of it! Just being here reassures me that fashion is the only career for me and this is where I need to be. It was so exciting meeting some of the people I have. There are so many things I have learned from these experiences. Work hard, do what you love, believe in yourself, do things outside of your comfort zone, but most of all, be appreciative. Attending some of the events I have, I saw a lot of bloggers who have taken fashion to the head and treat their followers/fans like nobodies. There is no doubt that I am confident, some say conceited, and those labels I can live with. But one thing I could never live with is being rude to my followers, the people who genuinely love me. Bloggers need to always keep in mind that if it wasn't for your fans, you wouldn't be where you're at today. So you're damn right my fierce ass walked RIGHT past all the more popular bloggers and acted like they didn't exist because in reality they don't exist in MY life. Plus, I don't need negative people in my life who are ungrateful. So thank you to all my followers and I'm privileged to have met some of you while being here. Some were shy or afraid to approach me and say're Nadia, I love you. Don't be shy or afraid! I'm only a bitch when I need to be, other than that, I'd never be rude or ungrateful to my followers. You guys have been more supportive of me than some of my past friends, and believe in me probably more than I believe in myself so THANK YOU. I sometimes look angry in my pictures, but in real life, trust me...I'm all smiles and hugs haha. I was also in Seventeen's online magazine for create a look under $17. Check it out HERE!



  1. Nadia you look amazing! I'm glad you're enjoying yourself at NYFW : ) I love the dress, it was a great idea to cut the lining; brilliant darling lol!

  2. I super love the shoes and sheer top! :)

  3. Interesting! so Bloggers act like snobbish celebs now? lol now thats funny.
    but then again can;t say I'm surprised.

    Anyway love this look, totally loving sheer at d moment even tho I own none.

  4. I love this simply breathtaking sheer dress. Great idea to cut the lining. Adore the gold link chain at the waist.

  5. Love this! THe sheer is super sexy and the belt took it to the next level. Girl, I know what you mean about the rude bloggers. I for one make sure I say hello and greet my followers. That's why when I saw you at IFB I made it a point to say hello because I am a fan of your blog and style and you were so nice and pleasant.

    Oh, and I put the picture up of us on my blog too.

  6. muy guapa, me encanta esa foto tan sonriente , lástima que no aparezca en mi blog

  7. You look fab as usual. I love total black looks.
    Talking about bloggers, followers etc... I think bloggers and followers are in the same ground. Nobody is more than noone, and noone is less than nobody.
    We are all a comunity that share our way of life or passion, it's true that a person can be more creative than the others but hey.. is not like is she was god..
    OMG My english is so bad, I can't explain myself in this language :(
    You look fantastic in these clothes and that's all that matters.

  8. Lovely outfit, the shoes and skirt are lovely!

  9. I only discovered your blog recently, but I love EVERYTHING about your style!

    I really want the belt you are wearing in this post!


  10. Loving this look! Cutting the lining was the way to go, it looks great! xo

  11. You look perfect as usual. Love the outfit. And I agree with you, you have attitude (witch is one of the reasons I like you) but your also nice to your followers. Some of the other people I have followed before barely acknowledge my existence as a follower, witch is why I find myself getting tired of following them to be honest. Oh, I know its hard to keep up conversation with so many people but I try to comment on every outfit I like/love and it gets to the point with some people where its like "really? all you have to say is "thanks all" and I would be happy".

  12. Let me find out bloggers...bloggers!...are acting like some C-list celebrities. Hahahaha. That's too funny.

    Anywho, this is an amazing oufit. Sheer is awesome and you look awesome in this sheer dress. Like the addition of the gold elephant(?) belt. Meanwhile, love the last picture. You should smile more. :o)

  13. Great outfit and great photos. Nice smile on that last photo :-)

  14. you look stunning!
    amazing look and fab shoes!

  15. I love this look hon! Good idea in cutting the lining shorter. It came out so cute.

    And I'm not surprised about the "more popular" bloggers being rude. I'm glad that you're so humble and it's easy to tell that you are because it comes across through your blog posts/video.

  16. I just want to say you are extremely beautiful dear, though i'm sure you know that lol. Love your blog! <3 Michele newleafforfashion.blogspot

  17. I like ur skirt!


  18. Love it!


  19. gorgeous in black! love the sheer combination and your platforms!

  20. Glad I found your blog, you're gorgeous! Following you :)

  21. i'm in love with your blog
    with your style
    your confidence, your existence,your beauty
    you're truly an inspiration
    this is my favourite outfit, just hypnotizing