stuck between fantasy and whats real.

"If you take responsibility for yourself you will develop a hunger to accomplish your dreams" -Les Brown

I love sheer. This skirt's inner lining was the same length as the sheer but decided to cut the inner lining short and keep the sheer long for a different look. My wedges are Steve Madden. Still here in New York for fashion week and I'm loving every second of it! Just being here reassures me that fashion is the only career for me and this is where I need to be. It was so exciting meeting some of the people I have. There are so many things I have learned from these experiences. Work hard, do what you love, believe in yourself, do things outside of your comfort zone, but most of all, be appreciative. Attending some of the events I have, I saw a lot of bloggers who have taken fashion to the head and treat their followers/fans like nobodies. There is no doubt that I am confident, some say conceited, and those labels I can live with. But one thing I could never live with is being rude to my followers, the people who genuinely love me. Bloggers need to always keep in mind that if it wasn't for your fans, you wouldn't be where you're at today. So you're damn right my fierce ass walked RIGHT past all the more popular bloggers and acted like they didn't exist because in reality they don't exist in MY life. Plus, I don't need negative people in my life who are ungrateful. So thank you to all my followers and I'm privileged to have met some of you while being here. Some were shy or afraid to approach me and say're Nadia, I love you. Don't be shy or afraid! I'm only a bitch when I need to be, other than that, I'd never be rude or ungrateful to my followers. You guys have been more supportive of me than some of my past friends, and believe in me probably more than I believe in myself so THANK YOU. I sometimes look angry in my pictures, but in real life, trust me...I'm all smiles and hugs haha. I was also in Seventeen's online magazine for create a look under $17. Check it out HERE!