in the streets of New York.

"Let us not look back in anger, nor forward in fear, but around in awareness" -James Thurber

Fashion week for me has been pretty hectic although I love it! Usually when I come to New York I'm always driving around so I never get a real feel of the city, the diversity, and what it has to offer. But this trip I have been trying to take it all in any way possible. Public transportation, subways (finally figured them out), walking blocks, putting my life in the hands of New York cab drivers haha. I wanted to really experience the city even though I come out here almost 5 times a year, but what better way to capture New York than through the eyes and lens of Emil Baez who is a New Yorker himself. You guys can go check out his blog and photogrphy HERE! I never take night pictures because I'm real specific about what I put on my blog but I figured I'd do something different =] I couldn't wait to wear this dress for fashion week, I bought it from a thrift store and it use to all be one length but decided to switch it up and bring it higher in the front and keep it dropped in the back. This dress so far definitely has received the most compliments! It's one of my favorites.