August 13, 2011

once a princess, always a princess.

"Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely."

I had to..I really had to bring it back with an oldschool picture of myself. This is still my same angry face. haha. I found this picture and it's so funny because I feel it still defines me as the person I am today after all these years. 80's swimsuit since I'm obsessed with the 80's, my angry face if I don't get my way, and me acting like a princess as always haha. Having a blog, it's hard to know someone for who they really are. I'm so much more than a fashion blogger, and there is so much personality behind these photos that my followers don't get to see since it's only through the internet. Wish I could meet all my followers so they can see my real personality haha, so I thought it'd be cute to post this!



Monroe Steele said...

haha..yes that is still you

xoxo Monroe

Fashion Steele NYC

Inez of Style Chic 360 said...

lol, that is the same face. what a cutie pie you were!

Esma ♥ said...

This is sooo sweet, you still have the same face, amazing :D

My ♥ Passion

Elena Leder said...

you look so cute in this photo!

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Honey Andrade said...

Sooooo adorbs!!! Hahaha!!!

Shevah said...

Aunt linda in the back killin it?
That is your aunt linda right? lol
You were so tan!

TigeressKitten said...

Aw! Always a cutie!


Such a cutie batootie! Who is that styling woman sitting in the chair? The woman is fierce in those sunnies! haha Kiah

lornadahl said...

Wow! You're such a cutie! Makes me envious of that off-shoulder swimwear. Never had one in my childhood years! Hahaha!

Sabrina said...

There is indeed so much more than fashion behind a blogger and I love this post sweetie! Congratulations on your Vogue feature babe, love it ;-) And about this picture, there is nothing not to love about it! YOU'RE ADORABLE ♥

deppa said...

Ohhh such a beautiful girl!
You really look pretty there.

Thanks for share with us :)

See you Nadia!


Hi gril,

You have nice pictures! love your look.
Check our blog:

thank you

Hajar et Mounia


you are to cute! your totally rocking that look! ;)

Nathan said...

Young Nadia is almost as cute as Grown Nadia!