lift off.

"You have to value your worth. No one in this world is going to appreciate you as much as you appreciate yourself" -Nadia Aboulhosn

Sometimes I have unfavorable days, sometimes I have astounding days, most days are mediocre, but everyday I keep in mind how blessed I am. After almost 2 years of fashion blogging, I couldn't begin to imagine it would evolve into what its becoming today. The opportunity to reach out to as many people as I have everywhere through online networking has given me such happiness. My entire life I knew I wanted to help people but always ended up attempting to help those who didnt even want to help themselves. Then college came, I was still unsure of my career, then fashion came, and I knew I was home. After all these years, I finally feel like I'm on the road to accomplishing what one day will be an entire fashion empire, inspiring people everywhere. To hear that I am an inspiration to all of you not only is touching, but rewarding. Most people ask how I have such confidence? It took me many years of hard work to get where I am emotionally and mentally today. I am an egomaniac, I am a perfectionist, I am a realist, i'll be the first to admit it. "Reality is always in front of our eyes, some people just choose not to see it"...I always chose to see it. Start accepting reality for what it is, and that is when you can really start accomplishing your goals and focusing mainly on yourself which leads to confidence and self empowerment. My interior is much greater than my exterior.


All I really want to say here is that I appreciate every single one of my followers, the sweet comments, messages, emails, tweets, the support, the opportunities, and to thank everyone who loves me and what I do. You guys, help me get to where I want to be in life, you guys are helping me become everything I've only dreamed of being. I hope to keep inspiring each and every one of you. Thank you for being so supportive of me and my dreams. This smiling picture is for my followers who say I never smile haha.