warrior queen.

"Doing the best at this moment puts you in the best place for the next moment" -Oprah

I switched my hair up like I said I was going to! Before I just had a streak of blonde under the layers of my hair that you could only see when my hair was flipped, but now I bleached the bottom tips of my hair and this was the end result! I'm super in love with it! I decided to wear something more modern this time for a change, and kept my outfit a little simple. My clutch, blazer, and necklace are all thrfited. My heels are BCBG. I've gotten so many questions, comments, and emails about my high waisted rainbow shorts a few posts back, so I've decided to start making them. I'm selling them for $35, not including shipping. Just write me an email at and tell me your size and the colors you want, and I'll send you back an invoice with the total cost. By the way..thank you everyone for all your sweet comments and advice on what I should do with fashion school. I appreciate and love all of you for supporting me in everything I do! You guys are the best ever! P.S. I've got a lot of questions oh which famous people influence me? The answer to that question is Oprah and Lady Gaga..weird combo isnt it? haha but I love strong women.