not short of my identity.

"The most important thing with your creativity is that you honor it and don't ever ignore or go against what ever that creative image is telling you because of what society is projecting on you" -Lady Gaga

I have to say that this is one of my favorite outfits. I guess it's the combination of the bondage top and high waisted leggings. The blazer makes it look slightly more classy haha. Friday I wore this outfit to lunch with my sister, not only were people staring tremendously, but the cashier girl smiled and said, "I have a question, Are you suppose to be Selena?" ha! I just laughed and said "No, I just like wearing this." When the girl asked that, my sister looked at me quickly thinking I was about to spazz on her for questioning me, but just can't explain fashion to some people, so I didn't even bother. It's something I do for myself, not for others. With my amount of bluntness, I could have easily see the group of guys in that corner all wearing basketball shorts and a wife beater? Nobody is paying attention to them except horny teenage girls, but I have everyone looking at me whether they're thinking positive or negative. I'm getting a reaction out of people, others who dress mediocre with lack of self confidence aren't. haha. Now that she mentioned Selena...I can see where she got that idea from, but it definitely wasn't my intention. I would like to own all of her bustiers though haha.