married to the MOB.

“Confidence comes not from always being right but from not fearing to be wrong” -Peter T. Mcintyre

Let me first say thank you to my massive amount of new followers. I appreciate and am very thankful for all of you! I've gotten so many sweet comments and tweets lately. After reading all the reposts about me, I became anxious to do another post. I thought it was pretty funny to see so many people label me as a "plus size" blogger because I never categorized or envisioned myself as a plus size blogger, just a blogger who is insanely in love with fashion. If we all have the same love for fashion, why is there a label on weight? As of now, I weigh 160 lbs and if that's plus size then im glad and proud to be it because I love my body! I have and always will be super confident with myself. It's good to see the fashion world accepting more curvy women like me! My white blazer with black trim I found at a thrift store in New Jersey and my sunglasses I designed myself [further below you can see DIY]. Have a great weekend my loves!


My DIY shattered glass sunglasses
So the other night I was watching the Beyonce-Diva music video and I really wanted the glasses she had on but definitely could not make them, sooo I got inspired to go break some mirrors and glue them on to these glasses I barely ever used before. This was them before, and in the above pictures you can see the finished product =]