we're out of here!

“Everything I've ever done was out of fear of being mediocre” -Chet Atkins

After my last post, I challenged myself to run out to the local thrift stores around Philadelphia to find an outfit to resemble the ensemble I put together on polyvore. I cropped the black top myself, my tan trousers, purse, and gold jewelry are thrfited, and my leopard heels are from Charlotte Russe.

On another note, many people have been asking me my new years resolutions. I don't think new years should be the only time people attempt to make an effort to change, but of course I have many goals in mind. I'd have to say this fashion dream of mine has taken over my head. It's all I think about. I dream, breathe, sleep, and live fashion. I like breaking barriers and taking it to new extremes, and try to never give myself limits. I've learned I can't doubt myself when it comes to what I have invisioned in my head. It has to be perfect, from the details of the outfits, down to the scenery of the photos. I know I don't want anything else in life but this, to be successful in what I love doing most. So my new years resolution is to make that possible.