January 19, 2011


"When a man has put a limit on what he will do, he has put a limit on what he can do" -Charles M. Schwab

Hey lovelies! First I want to say I finally reached my 100 follower mark so THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR FOLLOWING! This is the Q&A video I promised you! Hope you like it! I was sort of trying to rush because I was in between classes and wanted to get some more pictures taken before I had to go back. IF ANYONE HAS ANYMORE QUESTIONS, ASK AWAY AND I'LL BE GLAD TO MAKE ANOTHER VIDEO! I also promised pictures of my obsessions. So there is 2 pictures of just my high heels, i have 2 more racks of just my flats, but didn't show them this time...and a picture of my vintage racks! Hope you like!




what a darling shoe rack! I'm inspired!

great post,

Annina of www.cinchedatthewaist.com

Shilpi said...

Lovely video! Amazing shoe collection and clothing!



Tastes Eclectic Fashion said...

You're just amazing. I loved your video. And that is one well presented shoe collection!

BRAD said...

Nadia → I loved this video. Is it just me, or do you look somewhat different on video...? Or, maybe it's that cute voice that I've never heard before... Whatever it is....that video camera just LOVES you... ♥

And, what a great idea to "personalize" or "humanize" your Blog, and give us readers/followers a glimpse into who you are. The last part of the video is my FAVE - I can really feel your GENUINE passion4fashion...

Grazie mille for sharing, Nadia...:-)


baci &#9829 Brad

annette said...

the shoes shelfs are amazing... i have my shoes on a bookshelf too but I need a bigger room to have a big one like yours!


Laura said...

I loved this video it was so nice to hear your voice =) It was fun to see the question and answer post. Happy Wednesday =)

Laura said...

I forgot to mention How much I love how your shoes are stored it's like art!!!

jamie said...

youre pretty and you have a cute voice? whatever! lol =P kidding you know i love you! i on the other hand have a manly voice, yuck. nadia, i enjoyed this!! i love how you arranged your shoes! thanks for the video, it was fun and entertaining :)


Shevah said...

Yes Nadia. I can help you get your pants on whenever you want. Hahaha.

MsMedSchool said...

i.cant.breathe. lol SHOEEEEEEEE.. i love your set up! i cant wait to get out of this dorm to have my shoe closet again!! lol love it

Bombchell said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want ur shoe rack!!! its like art, where'd you get it.

loved the video. Im very inspired to do one, maybe, lol i procrastinate.

Erika Gomez said...

Congrats!!!!!I can't belive this is your closet!!!


HeelFly said...

a faboulus rank! I adore it.. than MM in the middle.. a perfect choise! I like most of your shoes especially those with the profile and the ribbon white.. wonderful !!

xoxo FF

Bog-Bog said...

Oh, I want your shoes!

MARY said...

¡¡¡Vaya colección!!!

Me encanta, qué envidia.

Mil besos.


katerina said...

your shoe collection is to die for! amazing! I could spend a day in there!

Adriana Alfaro said...

OMG! there's so much shoes *.*
I've loved the rack!
xoxo from Brazil!

Cati said...

thanks for the comments honey! i'm loooooving your shoe collection.. gorgeous!!! i'm following, hope you follow my blog too :)


ching said...

those shooooesss. i just died looking at them!

Marjolein said...

you have soooooo many beautiful heels. haha i am really jealous ^^
i loveeeeee your shoe closet(L)

Lindsay said...

your wall of shoes is so cool!


Fanny said...

nice to see this video, and i love all your shoes x

Nåna Jones said...

thanks for the comment
cool video
and the photos of your shoes are amazing

thomessa said...

Those shoes!! <3

Madeline Weber said...

congratulations on 100 followers! that is a big big step! your video is so cute, and i am SO jealous of your amazing closet

thanks for your lovely comment! im now one of your newest 100+ followers
xx http://madelineweber.blogspot.com/

Selenia said...

I like I like i like your blog!!!:)
Come on http://selenia-levolchanel.blogspot.com

The Rumor of Love . said...

where did you get a rack like that ? its amazing . i have nowhere to keep my shoe and its annoying me because sometimes i forget what i have .

btw, great video ; i agree w| everyone else . cute voice !


The white cabbage said...

whaooo! your shoes collection is stunning!

I'm your follower ....come and visit my blog ....and follow me back


Fie said...

Thank you so much for your comment! :) I´m first answering now, because I just came home from an holiday.. Sorry for that :D
B.t.w. I love, love, love your Blog! You have a new follower ;)
Sorry for my bad englisch...
Kisses from Fie


Sick by Trend said...

wow!! love your shoes!! haha fantastic video!! :) Im back from Milano!! check my blog! :D



-marta said...

your closet is beyond amazing. That shoe rack is to die for, actually. Love it!


lavel said...


Le garçon avec les lunettes, said...

Love those pictures... they are so gorgeous!!!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

great idea for the video Nadia. I love your closet!

Happy weekend to you and thanks so much for your comment on my blog. I agree love..love..love Angelina Jolie.

Cheers ~ Deb

ari said...

hello Darling !xX
I love your pleated skirt! I am currently obsessed with pleated skirts, I would love to own a knee length one or a maxi length one. I also love the way you accessorized the entire look, how you included the cute gloves, and how the gloves, belt, and those amazing bow shoes all kinda match in the same shade! fab, fab, FAB!

oh yes, your shoe closet/ shelve is AMAZIING! and I dream to one day have something similar for my little collection of shoes.


i had no idea you were American, your voice is soooooo amazing to me probably because im from london.
& your shoe collection :O is WOW.

by the way the booty question was hilarious, mwah!
check out my blog xx


Nice outfit !
Look my blog and follow me if you want ! xxx

Cara said...

This is amazing...what a fabulous collection of shoes and clothes!
xo Cara

Nikki said...

Gosh, your closet looks amazing! x

popdisorder said...

you look very beautiful on the video :)

HitomiNeko said...

wow i LOVE ur shoe collection & shoe rock! i wish I have a whole wall to myself too just for my shoes!!! lovely!!!

xoxo hitomineko xoxo

Estefania Lovelifefashion said...

Your closet is amazing!!!! I love it

Promise said...

:O Are those all your heels..so jealous...x


Jandira said...

i am in love with your shoes!!!! love it!!!xoxoxo

Manuella said...

this outfit fit you so great girl...i love it! and your closet is a dream...kisses


omg!!! i'm jealous =) ur shoe collection is woow!!

Anna said...

I love how your show collection is presented! It's awesome.

Wonderful video too!

Neusa Vaz said...

Oi Nadia!!! Seu guarda roupas é um sonho!!!

Beijos e tenha um lindo final de semana!!!

My Modest Mouth Blog said...

Hoe-lee F#$! your shoe game is insaaaaaaaaaaaaane.


lol : )

Now following!

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sugarkanke said...

so nice ! ! !
love it.
check out my blog*

xoxo sugarkanke,

Rudy said...

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shoe cupboard said...

Lovely video! Amazing shoe collection and clothing!

shoe cupboard said...

Lovely video! Amazing shoe collection and clothing!