pen and paper meet.

"The beginning of wisdom is the awareness that we are responsible in part for our own destiny. Human beings can achieve this good life, but it is by the cultivation of the virtues of intelligence and courage, not faith and obedience, that we will most likely be able to do so" -Paul Kurtz

I'm doing this quick post for you lovelies! Be sure to check out my store at Ebay HERE! My dress is from Charlotte Russe, heels are Carlos Santana, and my blazer and earrings are thrifted.



"When a man has put a limit on what he will do, he has put a limit on what he can do" -Charles M. Schwab

Hey lovelies! First I want to say I finally reached my 100 follower mark so THANK YOU EVERYONE FOR FOLLOWING! This is the Q&A video I promised you! Hope you like it! I was sort of trying to rush because I was in between classes and wanted to get some more pictures taken before I had to go back. IF ANYONE HAS ANYMORE QUESTIONS, ASK AWAY AND I'LL BE GLAD TO MAKE ANOTHER VIDEO! I also promised pictures of my obsessions. So there is 2 pictures of just my high heels, i have 2 more racks of just my flats, but didn't show them this time...and a picture of my vintage racks! Hope you like!



"Often we don't even realize who we're meant to be because we're so busy trying to live out someone else's ideas. But other people and their opinions hold no power in defining our destiny" -Oprah Winfrey

My multicolor top and blue leather jacket were given to me by my Aunt. Thank you, i love you! =] My black skinny jeans and sunglasses are from Forever 21. My earrings are thrifted. Obsessed with broad shoulders, anyone who knows me knows I'm in love with androgynous ensembles. So many of my photos get cut from my posts. I'm such a perfectionist that if something isn't right in the photo, it doesn't go up. Wondering if I should do a post with some of the cut pictures? Hmm..something to think about. Well I hope all of you are having a great weekend!


everything i do has been approved by me.

“I'm tough, ambitious, and I know exactly what I want. If that makes me a bitch...okay.” -Madonna

My high waisted shorts are thrifted, they use to be pants but I cut them. My off the shoulder top is from Macy's and my stockings are from a stripper store. haha don't judge! They have the best selection there for an amazing price.


cut from a different cloth.

"Name a style I didn't influence. And nevermind whos done it, I'm still doing it" -Stack Bundles

I still have my questionnaire going on. So ask me whatever questions you like and I'll answer them in a post coming up! This multicolor bow sweater was one of my thrift finds in New Jersey, I've always wanted one like it so I was ecstatic to come across it. My black jeans are Forever 21, and my black platforms are Charlotte Russe.



Lately, I've been getting a lot of questions about myself, like what does my tattoos say, what am I going to school for, or can we see your 50 pairs of heels collection? And the answer is yes! haha I'm willing to answer or photograph whatever possible! You can ask me whatever you like and I promise I'll answer, just don't get too crazy now! so..ASK AWAY! On another note, I'm back home in Florida and finally got settled in. Everything's unpacked including all my thrift finds. Can't wait to show everyone!



something light.

“I’d be foolish not to take some of these opportunities that are coming my way. We all know this can go away at any moment" -Kim Kardashian

I leave for Florida tomorrow night. It has been snowing like crazy up here so I haven't been able to take pictures. Once I touch back down in Florida, I promise to take more. I have so many ideas for outfits and I can't wait to share them, along with all the thrifted items I bought that I had to force in my luggage. I start school Monday so everybody wish me luck because these next four months will be crucial. Hope you enjoy this ensemble I put together. I can only dream of these Christian Louboutin.


we're out of here!

“Everything I've ever done was out of fear of being mediocre” -Chet Atkins

After my last post, I challenged myself to run out to the local thrift stores around Philadelphia to find an outfit to resemble the ensemble I put together on polyvore. I cropped the black top myself, my tan trousers, purse, and gold jewelry are thrfited, and my leopard heels are from Charlotte Russe.

On another note, many people have been asking me my new years resolutions. I don't think new years should be the only time people attempt to make an effort to change, but of course I have many goals in mind. I'd have to say this fashion dream of mine has taken over my head. It's all I think about. I dream, breathe, sleep, and live fashion. I like breaking barriers and taking it to new extremes, and try to never give myself limits. I've learned I can't doubt myself when it comes to what I have invisioned in my head. It has to be perfect, from the details of the outfits, down to the scenery of the photos. I know I don't want anything else in life but this, to be successful in what I love doing most. So my new years resolution is to make that possible.



Happy belated New Years everyone! I've been pretty obsessed with leopard for a while now so I definitely wanted to throw something together. The crop top with the high waisted trousers go perfect together. The leopard heels, rose gold jewelry, and oddly shaped sunglasses make this ensemble unique.