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12/08/2010 | Best Blogger Tips
"Everybody's at war with different things...I'm at war with my own heart sometimes. The only thing that comes to a sleeping man, is dreams" -Tupac Shakur

Lately, I've been fortunate enough to wear crop tops and denim shorts, but to my surprise, we've been getting cold fronts every so often here in Florida. It was perfect weather for this thrifted sweater I just bought in Center City, Philadelphia. I just purchased these architectural wedges which have become my new obsession. Well, heels in general are an obsession. I have 50 pairs of heels total! I am in the process of setting up another website just to sell my items, so keep an eye open for that, because I am positive I will be getting rid of lots of things I don't need anymore!


  1. This sweater is great, especially paired with the wedges! You look great, as always!

  2. amazing photo!!Love this look of yours! you look so beautiful! great shoes!love every piece of this outfit!! great styling!

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  4. 50 pairs?!? omg that's a lot!
    lovely sweater :=)

  5. love your sweater and the wedges !

    have a great fridayyyy ! :)
    glisters and blisters

  6. great blog!
    thank you for your kind comment! :]

    I totally drooling over your shoes!


  7. This dress is great and perfect for this cold... thanks for sharing...

  8. lovely jumper, those wedges are great too- nice look :)

    now following you :)

    <3 stylewhiskey xx

  9. Where are these wedges from