5/14/2010 | Best Blogger Tips

"Plush safe; he thinks" - Jean-Michel Basquiat
My shirt is from Rue 21, skirt from Wet Seal, and my heels are from Forever 21. This outfit is well put together, looks classic, and isn't too expensive, I love it.


  1. Loved the stripped shirt and the skirt <3

  2. Although I only discovered your IG in 2014 I've decided to go back to the beginning of your blog.. You are hands down one of the most inspirational and beautiful people I have seen (Masha'Allah), just reading your captions and your blog has made me have such a positive effect on myself and you've taught me how to love my body and as for the bits I don't like I've decided to make healthier choices to change that but honestly I pray God blesses you abundantly and always (Ameen).. Keep doing your thing with yo fine ass.. Lotsbof love.. Her_Lima xoxox